• Welcome to Acid Wash Las Vegas

Welcome to Acid Wash Las Vegas! We will make your pool go from green to clean in 1 day.

Weekly Pool Service

We will keep your swimming pool in the best condition possible! Our rigorous 10 step process gives you the best pool service money can buy.

Acid Washing Service

Our Acid Wash service will take your pool from green to clean in 1 day! Spring is here, don't wait to get your pool in optimal condition.

From only $299!

Pool Tile Cleaning

To have your pool tiles cleaned most people assume that you have to drain your pool. We have specialized tools and experience to clean your pool tiles without ever needing to drain it. We save you time and money!

Welcome to Acid Wash Las Vegas!

Acid wash Las Vegas, specializes in Acid Wash service. However we offer the most competitive pricing, and service standards in the pool industry for swimming pool service and maintenance. We also specialize in pool tile cleaning that is completed without ever draining your swimming pool! Our goal has always been to take the stress of pool maintenance off our clients shoulders. Give us a call and find out for yourself.



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